Our Blend of Specialty Legal Services

The Law of Sports

Attorney Genco gives 360 degree counsel to world class professional athletes and sports properties. From developing revenue models to protecting IP; From representing players in front of "Big Four" Commissioners, to procuring and executing sponsorship deals; From sourcing multimillion dollar naming rights buyers, to targeted meaningful community engagement; Attorney Genco's experience allows him to provide insightful counsel to some of the top sports properties in the world. 

The Law of Art, Filmmaking, and Compelling Storytelling

Attorney Genco counsels filmmakers,  artists, financiers, authors and IP owners in all phases of the entertainment business.  From drafting, negotiating, and enforcing licensing, NDA, and confidentiality agreements, to the development of books into film; From negotiating screenwriter and executive producer compensation packages to acquiring options to life story rights; Attorney Genco has the experience to provide state of the art counsel to his select group of storyteller clients.

Legal Aid for Veterans

Veteran Law isn't an official area of the legal world- but it should be.  If you are a vet- and need something- call us.  Attorney Genco reserves time each week to work on behalf of veterans in any way needed.

Connecting Those with Mental and Physical Disabilities to Benefits

We take on all paperwork and hassles that come with applying for government benefits, social security and disability insurance, and protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  No matter what state you live in, we can help.

Catastrophic and Deadly Accidents

"I'm proud to partner with some of the greatest, most dedicated attorneys across the country to make sure these families have a legal team that understands and reduces the emotional and financial burdens of catastrophic loses.  Our mantra with injury cases is: Be Aggressive.  Be More Aggressive.  Never Be Satisfied...Because we love the families we fight for."

Corporate Counsel

Attorney Genco acts as in-house counsel to a core group of corporate and non-profit clients.   He advises on issues including corporate form and structure, compliance and governance, M&A, board development, community engagement, liability mitigation, vendor negotiations, and employee related issues.  Attorney Genco works with corporate clients to develop a legal strategy that protects and compliments their business strategy.


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